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Turn your iPhone into a safe harbor in the crypto world, and secure your digital assets from every angle.

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A Revolutionary Self-custody Solution for Digital Assets

Eliminate Single Point of Failures with MPC

Jade Wallet uses multi-party computation and threshold signature scheme technology to upgrade the management of crypto assets to multi-person authorization mode, cryptographically eliminating the hidden danger of exposing private keys at any single point.
Jade Wallet supports major crypto assets, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum (including ERC20), Polkadot, etc. Blockchains does not need to support multi-signature feature or multi-signature smart contracts for us to achieve multi-party transaction authorization.

MPC-based Threshold Signature

Keyless Crypto, No Worries

The feature of MPC-based Threshold Signature offers users the complete control over their digital assets and the ability to achieve multi-signature with keyless cryptographic security.

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First enterprise-level wallet that supports WalletConnect

Jade Wallet aims to be the portal of institutional investors into the blockchain world. With WalletConnect, Jade Wallet offers DeFi services to enterprises, institutions and professional investors. Requiring authorization of multi-party authorization before transaction execution ensures that investors' assets are protected from arbitrary access.

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Dive into DeFi

Complete Control

Access DeFi via WalletConnect. Prevent hackers from hacking your digital assets.


Requires multi-party authorization to sign transactions.

Readable Transaction

Turn parsable raw data into what you expected. What you see is what you sign.

Risk Warning

Explicit warings for unknown, dangerous or irrepealable operations.

Easy Backup & Restore

Say Goodbye to Private Keys and Mnemonics

You no longer need to remember and keep private keys or mnemonics. Jade Wallet uses Face ID and iCloud, which are under your control, to help you manage keyshares and confidential data.

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For the sake of security and user experience, Jade Wallet is currently only available in the iPhone App Store.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if app showed "Timeout" before I could confirm the unsigned transaction?

If the transaction information has been displayed, the transaction confirmation should be completed within 60 seconds; Otherwise it is likely that the communication has failed due to network instability. After the timeout, please enter the transaction details for approval again.

The wallet shows "not backed up". What should I do?

It is most likely that the iCloud synchronization failed. First of all, please check whether iCloud permission is enabled in iOS system settings; secondly, please check the network condition. If not in WI-FI, you need to check whether iCloud is allowed to synchronize in cellular network environment. At last try to backup again.

If I lose my phone, is there any security risk to my assets?

Jade Wallet uses MPC technology to ensure that assets can only be transferred once the required multi-party authorization is met in the wallet. Furthermore, iPhone’s Face ID ensures that no one else can authorize the transaction except you.

A timeout error occurs when creating a new wallet, how should I handle it?

The communication timeout may be caused by network instability of your iPhone or others'. Please connect to a stable network and reactivate the wallet.

Can I restore my wallets on a different device?

Yes, you can. Sign in to your previous iCloud account on your new iPhone, wait until iCloud synchronization is complete, then open Jade Wallet, enter the wallet and click the "Restore" button, follow instructions and complete the recovery process.

What should I do if I encounter an "unknown contract" warning while using WalletConnect?

For security reasons, Jade Wallet prompts this warning for unrecognized smart contracts. In this case, you should double check the smart contract call to ensure the security of your assets.